As I have repeated this at least a few times a day for the last 4 months…I decided putting it here would be easier!

1/2 Cup of Whole flaxseed/linseed

2 Cups of water (the purer the better and longer lasting, but you can use bottled/filtered/tap water)

  • Add to a pan and slowly bring to the boil. If you want to soak overnight you can too (That is actually preferable). Your aim is an egg white consistency, gloopy. When you lift the WOODEN spoon and you see a snotty dribbly line, you are good to sieve. Use a normal fine sieve. When its boiling keep stirring until desired consistency.
  • Sometimes it takes a few attempts. A common first mistake is to overcook the seeds. You will struggle to get the thick gel through the sieve. If this does happen…don’t throw away! Just put back in the pan, add more water (1/2 cup is good usually) and keep stirring. Boil again to thicken slightly and try to sieve again.
  • You may need to stir a lot to get it through the sieve successfully.
  • Save seeds, keep aside.
  • Beat/whip the gel vigorously. When slightly cooled, add 5-6 drops of essential oils to scent and preserve. You can also add fresh/dried herbs like rosemary, lavender etc, but do this when you are boiling the mixture or when it is hot to infuse the liquid.
  • Beat again to blend any essential oils (lemongrass/mandarin/lime/grapefruit). Decant into a clean sterilised jar and put in fridge. The product will last 3-4 weeks if kept in the fridge.
  • Once done, put the seeds back in the pan and add another 2 cups of water. You can do this up to 4 times with one batch of seeds.
  • Repeat first steps and soak/boil the seeds again. The 3rd/4th batch can be more liquidy if you desire and be added to shampoo to make a 2-in-1 poo/cond.

The first batch can be used as a styling/texturing gel. Add hairdryer heat to create more hold. Build up product and scrunch or smooth through hair. It leaves no residue, and can be easily combed out.

The second batch can be used as a conditioner (just as normal conditioner, apply a bigger quantity and then rinse) or a detangler. Great for kids hair! You can use any of if on your skin and face too as a moisturiser. Use it up as you will have lots and need to use it all within a month ideally! Probably great for sunburn too I would imagine, when it is fresh out the fridge…dreamy and silky!

It does “mature” and can be quite an amazing rinse on your hair (the 3rd batch which is runnier). If you have hair that tends to get greasy then don’t apply it to the roots. It is one of the only things I can compare to “normal” silicone packed conditioner. It leaves a kind of glossy coating. I do rinse it out after letting it sit on the hair for a little while.

What can I say, it is amazing and I am constantly finding more uses for it. Somebody suggested trying it as fabric softener…!!! I have also been told it is a grrreat lubricant.

Enjoy folks 🙂


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