Oat Conditioner

28340208_10159954113030291_774861688_oAn easy peasy one here! Next time you make some porridge, make a bit extra if you like and put a portion to one side for your hair and skin to thank you later. You would want to sieve out the bigger bits 🙂


For 500ml of water, take around 6 Tablespoons of porridge oats.

EDIT: add a heaped Tbsp of flax seeds to get a double trouble soft and slipper conditioner! Recently started doing that!

Try different coarseness of grains. Add more or less to adjust how runny or thick you want it to be. You can experiment! Once it has boiled and thickened to a yoghurt consistency, I sieve out the bigger pieces of oats. Afterwards I add 1/2 Teaspoon of avocado oil (Olive would be perfect too) and 1/2 Teaspoon of vegetable glycerin.

I choose more moisturising oils such as olive, coconut, babassu or avocado. The glycerin is a great addition for hair and skin (look it up!). If you want to you can add a little Apple Cider vinegar (no more than 1-2 tablespoons, start small). Again, feel free to get creative. Use it on your skin, to moisturise and on itchy irritated skin. Use to condition the ends of your hair or as a scalp treatment/mask for dandruff/psoriasis/eczema.



Apple Cider Vinegar – you can infuse with herbs for added benefits. ALWAYS DILUTE (1 Tbsp to 250ml water) or it will be drying. It is a surprisingly effective conditioner for most hair types. It won’t leave a nasty stink either, promise, as it dissipates.

Aloe Vera – The second highest ingredient after water in many of the nicer organic conditioners. You can just rub into hands and rub through wet ends if you like. No need to rinse out as mostly absorbs.

Flax gel – one of its many purposes is as a conditioner. Leaves hair feeling baby soft and silky.


If you want to use a “normal” conditioner on your ends now and then, that is absolutely fine too! Have a look at what some things you may want to avoid might be…alcohol, for example, is a drying ingredient. Shouldn’t really be in the top 4 ingredients of a good quality conditioner! Also, avoid anything with Silicones or parabens. My favourite is Sukin which you can buy relatively cheap in TK Maxx at the moment.

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