Covid-19 & “Our Work” to ourselves


So, as we are seeing the world unravelling and experiencing such uncertainty…I see everyone getting really stressed! As we all well know, stress does not help with hair loss and greying. My first message to you is SIT BACK and STAY CALM.
Easier said than done. Correct.
Get some popcorn ready…it is going to be fascinating.

Here is a list of things that may help: (I appreciate not everyone will have time/desire to do these, but some may help)

– Find some yoga or mindfulness videos online. Maybe pilates is your jam. Or just some exercise vids, youtube is full of them!

– Light some candles in the evening, have a bath. (if you have kids, maybe encourage them to do the same). Play some relaxing music, do a nice mask or treatment (I can recommend plenty), pamper yourself or each other. Be mindful, zone out to the music, and give yourself a really nice scalp scratch/rub/massage. Slow down, breathe.

– Start a diary, or write a line a day. Some small daily activities that will keep you focussed for 5-20 mins each day.

– If you have kids see below attached PDF. A nice thing to show them if they are still little.

– Make sure you have enough chocolate (or treats of your choice).

– Make sure you have enough veggies and fresh produce too. Seeds, nuts etc.

– Build your bloody immune system. If that is strong we can fight it easily. I shall attach more info about nutrition as I find it. There is a lot of info about how certain vitamins (e.g C & D) effect influenza. ALSO if times get really bad, nettle grows everywhere. Stick your face in the sun as much as possible!

– Use this time to get to know your neighbours. From crisis’ (Katrina, Nepal, Floods of Pontypridd 2020) can come great resilience and strength. Stories always emerge of people going out of their way to help others around them. Together we are stronger.

– If you can, do that too! Help others around you. Even if something small.

– Think of self-isolation astime to do all those things you never get time to do” gardening, reading, learning an instrument, writing, playing video games, getting paperwork done! I for one find a LOT of comfort in that as have felt swamped by routine for a long time. EVERYONE deserves a break. “Mass enforced holiday” we could call it.

Don’t fear self-isolation. Think of it as a holiday / enforced duvet days. It will be a great time to relax, grow, create and feel you have time in this world where we are always against the clock.

– Every time you feel panic, close your eyes and think about all the positives that may come from this situation…e.g the community are doing beautiful things despite all the shit we are hearing. Count your blessings and take a moment to feel really grateful for what you have, remember we are all in it together.

Check in with loved ones, friends, family etc. We are all already phoning each other more and communicating more. Make the most of it. Contact anybody whose situation you may be worried about.

– Thankfully, you may now have some time to work on your haircare routine. Although not for our lovely NHS workers who are now going to have NO TIME to do anything. My hats off to you. Reckon you should be getting free haircuts for life after this.

So, I already have my plan in place for when shampoo starts to run out. Do you? My more natural approach already consists of VERY LITTLE product, and saving a HUGE amount of money. This is the perfect time to start doing all those little things I recommend you try with your hair. I always hear “I don’t have time to make flax gel” or even to put conditioner on ends BEFORE you shampoo (seriously).
Collect some fresh rain water in a bucket and put it in a spray bottle and spritz it in your hair. Add 1 TSP of ACV to ONE cup of rain water.
Some of you may even wanna try and heat up the rainwater a bit and then wash your hair with it. It feels aaaamazing!
And now, you might have time to be a little more mindful and self-resourceful with many of your routines and habits.
What a better time than ever to start saving money?!
Stop buying quite so much crap in bottles…dilute your crappy stuff in bottles so it lasts longer.
AND read all my other blog posts about how to look after your hair…NOW THAT YOU MAY HAVE SOME TIME ON YOUR HANDS!

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