About us

Your Environment

Tame the Mane is a revolutionary hair salon in Bristol for people who want a totally new experience. We have a focus on hair health, with a preference for natural products, sharing our knowledge and recipes so you can make your own hair food at home. Tame the Mane Bristol is a calming and nurturing and vegan space, perfect for people who feel uneasy in salons. Somewhere you feel listened to and not judged. Our covered mirror option may appeal to those of you who prefer your salon experience without the mirror, however you can choose the option that makes you feel most comfortable.

What we do

At Tame the Mane we welcome people from all backgrounds and all hair types, with an aim to create a unifying environment where human diversity is embraced. If you are following a No-poo routine or are a Curly Girl  we offer cleansing washes (herbs and clays) and co-washes (eco-friendly options) to suit leave your hair soft and nourished. Unlike most salons, we LOVE working with curly hair! We use specific techniques that work with the curl, rather than against it, sculpting and carving your hair to create beautiful shapes that you will love. For colour we feel it is important to provide different options. Whether it be a completely natural treatment or a more commercial style using our gentler, vegan brands, we will talk through in depth before choosing your best path. We love chatting to our clients about their journeys and offer our advice if it is not working out too. Your hair reflects you!


Fascinated by ancient natural hair care practices and recognising the lack of these services in Bristol, or even the UK, Tame the Mane’s founder, Lara felt a desire to open a salon where these ancient practices are deep within the salon’s ethos. There has been a particularly negative stigma attached to natural products within the hair industry, which thankfully seems to be changing with the surge of people becoming more aware of environmental and health risks associated with conventional products. Our Bristol salon hopes that with the advice given by the salon’s passionate stylists they can help people to make those small but powerful changes.

What People Say

“I thoroughly recommend this place. People have time for you, they listen to what you want, they know a lot about natural hair care and are willing to share their knowledge.”

First visit to a hairdressers in a while and no regrets. Really lovely experience, learnt loads about hair health and natural products. Genuinely love my hair which I’ve never felt after a hair cut

Tame the Mane is such a wonderful place – so much love, warmth and thought have gone into making it, it is a hairdressers like no other

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