Tame the Mane have extensively researched what the options are for colouring as naturally and gently as possible. Henna and Indigo are our truly natural, herbal colour options, however we also provide more conventional vegan friendly options. In fact, we encourage you to avoid colour at all if possible, assisting many people into growing out coloured hair, and only colouring minimally, infrequently/gently and truly embracing their natural hair in every way possible.

Our priority at Tame the Mane is educating people in hair health and as many people are not aware of the differences and affects of colouring the hair we aim to provide a summary of each colouring system we use beginning with the most natural herbal options.


100% natural and vegan, HENNA plant is a healing and nourishing treatment (very relieving for itchy scalps), versatile and can be used in different ways, including different mixtures of HENNA (red)/INDIGO (black)/CASSIA OBOVATE (golden) and left of for varying times to create bespoke shades for our clients. Perfect for people wanting golden/copper/auburn shades and for gentle toning of greys and mousy colours.

It is not like your usual salon colour service as it needs much longer to sit on the hair. With this in mind you have the option to wash out at home or to return to the salon later in the day. We will wrap up your head and ask you to bring a scarf/hat along to your appointment so you can leave comfortably and stylishly!


Oway HNectar is the nourishing semi permanent, vegan colour we use for clients wanting to tone and brighten their hair without the damage. They are subtle colours that work with the existing tones of your hair. It uses cotton protein treatment to nourish and protect the hair during the colouring process and produces a stunning multi-tonal, palette of hair colours. It can be used on all hair types, however may not last as long on porous/dry hair.

TONERS are essentially the same as a semi permanent colour, but you don’t use them to lighten or darken hair, only to change the tone. As we say, less is more a lot of the time and sometimes just a toner can make all the difference and give a totally fresh perspective and depth to your colour. Great for blondes that want to be less brassy or ash hair to try more of a golden tint. Applied to grown out coloured brassy blonde ends can make them blend better by adding silvery tones to match your root regrowth.


Affinage bleach is one of the kindest lighteners we could find using rice and wheat protein treatment to protect the hair which means it has minimal damage even when highlighting! We use this for foil work only including balayage and highlights and occasionally when helping people to grow out their previous hair colour to match their grey regrowth. Hair health is our priority at Tame the Mane and as a rule we do not lighten more than 4 shades. It may be necessary to use a bonding system to carry out the service if we think it’s needed on more fragile hair. This takes time and has a small charge.(Please note that we only lighten hair we decide to be in good enough condition to handle it)


For those seeking a more vibrant colour, those looking to lighten or cover those stubborn greys we have a range by Affinage that are ultra low ammonia and contain proteins and oils to protect the hair during colouring. We do not encourage using permanent colour on scalp regularly. We would always try to find a solution whereby we blend using foils rather than cover completely over the scalp. These colours still use peroxide and fully open the cuticle of the hair thus changing the texture permanently too. Darker colours can still be quite damaging to the hair, even though they seem nice and glossy immediately after use.

In depth consultations and patch testing are compulsory when choosing to get your hair coloured at Tame the Mane.