What we use

These are just some of the lovely vegan products we use at Tame the Mane. We use a combination of 100% natural, homemade products alongside some naturally based, cruelty free products we buy through well researched, ethical companies.


For WASHING the hair we provide several options, some very mild and gentle vegan shampoos with very little sulphates, suitable for pets and children, as well as some shampoo bars and cleansing co-washes.

Furthermore a variety of completely natural clays and powders for cleansing the hair as well as oils, conditioners and serums.

If you are a “no-pooer” (one who does not use shampoo) we have many wonderful options and advice for you on your journey.


For CONDITIONING your locks we have lots of yummy homemade treatments including Lara’s homemade flax and seaweed gel which also works as a styling product! We also have a beautiful conditioning treatment ‘Hmilk’ by Oway (our organic colour care system) that helps to rebuild the hairs bonds after colouring the hair.


Henna and Indigo are our truly natural COLOUR options, however we also provide more conventional and commercial dyes and bleaching. We try to avoid scalp applications where possible, and can help to guide you through the transition to more natural options. In fact, we encourage you to avoid colour at all if possible (apart from henna), assisting many people into growing out coloured hair, and only colouring minimally, infrequently/gently and truly embracing their natural hair in every way possible.

Oway HNectar is the nourishing semi permanent COLOUR we use for clients wanting to tone and brighten their hair without the damage. They are subtle colours that work with the existing tones of your hair. It uses cotton proteins to nourish and protect the hair during the colouring process and produces a stunning multi-tonal, palette of hair colours.

For those seeking a more vibrant colour, those looking to lighten or cover those stubborn greys we have a range by Affinage that are ultra low ammonia and contain oils to protect the hair during colouring. Affinage cream bleach is one of the kindest and slow acting lighteners we could find which means it has minimal damage even when lightening! (Please note that we only lighten hair we decide to be in good enough condition to handle it)