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Our CURL experts are; Lara, Bobbi & Renee.

A bit about our Curl Sculpting Cuts…

As curl enthusiasts we appreciate all types of curls…we provide “sculpting” cuts for curls and waves, which is usually performed on dry hair. You don’t have to go for this option if you would just like your hair cut in a conventional way.
Please bear in mind that we may do parts of the cut or certain sections completely dry, and some parts wet/damp by spraying the hair…this is for many reasons and we all have a slightly different approach as individual stylists.
Each curl shall be considered and this is particularly suitable for those who have a mixture of hair types on one head! Some curls are curlier, some are looser, therefore when pulled down and cut in a straight line, once dry could appear completely uneven.
Dry hair cutting means we get to see the bounce and avoid too much dreaded shrinkage, this is when hair is cut wet and then jumps up on itself and appears even shorter once dry. Where you could have only cut one inch off, it may appear like three or four with some curly hair. However sometimes we DO need to rehydrate, detangle sections etc and may cut some curls or sections wet too.

How to prepare for your curl sculpting cut:
Please come with freshly washed hair, how you would normally wear it, down (not tied up as it disrupts curl pattern) and without too much product. We need to see how your hair normally sits and behaves, so it needs to be dry and not soaking wet also.

What to expect:
Every curl is unique and behaves differently…and we are not cutting in a strictly structured linear way. Furthermore, curls dry differently every time you wash them and sit slightly differently too. We try to compensate for this and consider movement of hair… but sometimes you may find one or two curls could end up sitting a little strange after your next couple of washes. If this is the case we encourage you to book in a 15 minute slot within two weeks and we can readjust/tweak where necessary.