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About Tame the Mane

Your environment

We welcome all people and hair types, providing a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

The salon also offers books, music, art, herbal teas, and a passion for learning about different cultures and herbalism.

Tame the Mane is a hair space that offers a unique and relaxing experience, with a focus on hair health using natural products.

what we do

Tame the Mane offers cleansing and co-washing options using natural and eco-friendly products for those following a No-poo or Curly Girl routine.

We specialise in working with curly hair, using techniques that enhance the natural curl pattern.

We offer various colouring options, from natural to vegan-friendly commercial brands, and provide advice and support to clients on their hair journeys.

Our ethos

Tame the Mane was founded by Lara with the aim of incorporating ancient natural hair care practices into the salon's ethos.

The salon promotes the use of natural products and encourages clients to make small changes in their hair care routine with the guidance of their passionate stylists.

We hope to combat the negative stigma associated with natural products in the hair industry.

curly hair at tame the mane

our curl sculpting cuts

Tame the Mane provides "sculpting" cuts for curls and waves, which are usually done on dry hair to see the natural bounce and avoid shrinkage. This approach is particularly suitable for those with mixed hair types.

Dry cutting allows stylists to consider each curl individually, avoiding uneven results that can occur when hair is cut wet and then jumps up on itself once dry. However, the salon may still rehydrate and detangle some sections and cut curls wet when necessary.

Clients who prefer a conventional cut can still choose that option.

A photo of the back of a woman\x27s head. Her hair is ginger and very curly.

our products


We provide a range of washing options for different hair types during services.

These options include natural clays and powders for those who prefer all-natural products, as well as gentle vegan shampoos that are suitable for pets and children.

The salon also stocks plastic-free shampoo cubes and bars from UK-based companies. For "no-pooers" who do not use shampoo, the salon has many alternative options and advice available. Additionally, for those with curly hair or who prefer co-washing, the salon offers this option as well.


We offer various conditioning treatments for your hair. Our fresh flax and seaweed gel is a magical protein treatment that strengthens your hair and makes it soft and shiny.

We also use organic oils and apple cider vinegar to balance your hair's PH. We have 'Hmilk' by Oway for rebuilding hair bonds during and after colouring, and K18 for damaged hair.

We constantly experiment with new products, so you may get to try new conditioning treatments when you visit us.


At Tame the Mane, we take a minimalist approach to styling, preferring to let your hair shine in its natural beauty after a fresh cut.

To help achieve this, we use a range of homemade products such as our flax and Irish Moss seaweed gel, as well as homemade wax, salt sprays and natural oil serums.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and the benefits they can bring to your hair, which is why we've created our own range of products using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

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