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Our stylists are passionate about helping you achieve healthy, beautiful hair that is unique to you. They are knowledgeable about a wide range of natural hair textures and styles, and are dedicated to using only the best products and techniques to keep your hair looking its best.



Curly Cuts and Fine Hair

Since opening the salon I have unsuspectingly become known for my curly cuts. I love big wild bushy manes, probably because I have always envied them. Despite that, I also deal with fine hair (like my own) and if you (like me) only want the tiniest trim because your hair grows slowly (sigh, like mine) I am your woman!

A girl wearing glasses cutting hair.

My Hair Journey and Obsession

Battering my hair to death a few years ago after over a decade of abusing it was one of the best things that could have happened to me, although I didn’t realise at the time. Hair has always been an obsession/passion. Somehow, through this near catastrophe I became obsessed with the “No-Poo” method and started obsessively studying herbalism and brewing concoctions to try to fix what I had done. I am so glad I did as it set me on the path to want to help others to do the same.

Assisting Others on Their Natural Hair Journey

Assisting others on their journey to ditching the bottled products and saving money AND plastic, is where I want to be.

Grateful for the Opportunity

Every day since I opened the doors in October 2017 I have felt incredibly grateful, I enjoy every working day, get to meet amazing people in my local community, learn, teach, grow and see your hair getting better and better with each visit.


My Passion for Hairdressing

I have been a hair stylist for 7 years now. Training in several Bristol salons, before setting up my own mobile business, I have now found my home at Tame the Mane.

Collaborating at Tame the Mane

I have worked in collaboration with Lara for 3 years now helping to build what I believe is a truly progressive project. I love the collaboration process of hairdressing and helping to make people look and feel great in themselves.

A lady in a salon cutting the blonde hair of a woman.

Cutting Curls and Senior Colour Technician

Cutting curls is a true joy at Tame the Mane and helping curly girls (and boys) who have had years of terrible haircuts really makes my job worthwhile. As the salon’s senior colour technician I can help create colours specifically for you and colour your cut to make it pop. Or blend in beautiful greys so you can rock your grey hair without it feeling drab while softening stark roots.

Hair Health and Manager Role

At Tame the Mane, hair health is at the centre of what we do so ‘sometimes less is more’ is our motto. That way your hair can look great and stay feeling great too! In the role of manager, it has been a joy to bring new stylists into the team and teach them, just the way Lara taught me about natural, holistic hair care, curly cutting, and how it is possible to have a judgement-free, relaxing salon experience.


The Most Experienced and Refined Hair Stylist

Renee is the most experienced and refined hair stylist working at Tame the Mane, with thirty years as a full-time stylist! We are all in awe of her skills.

A lady wearing glasses cutting hair.

Valuable Addition to the Team

Having owned her own salon for a long while in Maine, USA, she has been an invaluable addition to our team and a fountain of knowledge on all things herbal and curls.

Wizard with the Clippers and Natural Products

Not to mention, she is a wizard with the clippers and can do a fade without leaving a millimetre out of place! She makes all her own natural products too that are marvellous and leave clients wanting more.


Experienced Stylist with a Passion for Natural Hair Care

We are incredibly lucky to have Faye with us at Tame the Mane. With 17 years experience including 10 years at Toni and Guy she is an experienced stylist with an eye for detail.

A girl wearing a white top trimming the hair of a lady.

Great Listener and Advisor

Faye is great at listening and giving advice on restyles and shapes that will suit her clients, so they feel super confident and special throughout.

Interest in Natural Hair Care

Even though Faye has a more commercial hairdressing background her interest in natural hair care has been growing over the past years in line with her work in Ayurvedic life coaching including massage therapist and yoga teaching.

Ongoing Training in Cutting Curly Hair and Natural Products

She is currently doing in house training on cutting curly hair and natural products.


Motivated Hair Stylist

Steph is a talented hair stylist who may come across as quiet and unassuming, but don't be fooled. She is incredibly motivated and driven, making her an invaluable member of the team at Tame the Mane.

A girl in a polka dot top cutting a lady\x27s hair.

Training and Expertise

Straight after completing her NVQ in hairdressing, Steph dove right into a course on theatrical hair and makeup. This has allowed her to think creatively with her clients and produce unique, eye-catching styles.

Steph has completed her in-house training at Tame the Mane, and has since produced fantastic work with colours and all types of cutting and natural hair care.

Full-Time Commitment

Steph is now a full-time stylist at Tame the Mane and has built a great local client base. She is dedicated to her craft and strives to ensure her clients leave the salon feeling confident and happy with their new look.


Natural Hair Care Expert and Curly Hair Specialist

Lucy comes from a gardening background, which has instilled in her a love for holistic and natural approaches to hair care. She is passionate about curly cutting and natural hair care and loves nothing more than helping clients transition to natural products and ditch the chemicals.

A lady wearing a t-shirt that says \x22love flowers\x22 sat in a field with daisies behind her.


As a natural hair care expert and curly hair specialist, Lucy is well-versed in cutting and styling curly hair. She can give advice on the best products to use for natural hair care and transition to chemical-free hair care. She is particularly skilled at helping clients make the transition to natural products and giving advice on how to care for curly hair.

Booking with Lucy

Lucy takes her time with each client to ensure she gets the cut and style just right. Book in for a chop with her on Thursdays and let her work her magic!


Experience and Approach

I have been trained in the 90s and continued part-time since then. I focus on listening to my clients, regardless of age or neurodiversity, and making sure they are happy with the result.

A lady trimming the hair of a man.

Focus on Clients' Needs and Happiness

My approach is to prioritize the client's needs and ensure their happiness with the result.

Intuitive Cutting for Easy-to-Care-for Styles

I use intuitive cutting techniques to create styles that are easy to care for and work well with the hair texture.

Long-term Interest in Natural Products

I have a long-term interest in natural hair care products and have worked at an eco soap shop. I have been using "no poo" techniques since 2010 and continue to learn about alternative options.

Confident with All Hair Types and Styles

I am confident with all hair types and styles, and am currently updating my skills by learning more about the Curl Cutting approach and the colour range at Tame the Mane.


The Hair Fairy! Bringing her power and passion surrounding authentic beauty and holistic hair healing, she offers something pretty unique and specific…for those of you that seek something deeper or dare to explore.

A girl smiling into the camera in the woods.

For those of you who simply want a fabulous cut from someone kind, calm, nurturing and a great listener…she is Toni & Guy trained and a very experienced stylist, she is a pro that knows the scene.


A lady cutting hair.

Fay listens and is attentive as well as being an excellent creative stylist. She brings a lot of experience cutting as well as having knowledge on natural methods of haircare. Fay loves creating short funky designs and knows her way around a cows lick!


Our in house trainee is mastering curls at a rapid rate. She is super friendly and hospitable. Her passion for aesthetics stems from all aspects of visual design, as well as floristry, making her a divine stylist in the making.

A girl wearing a bandana cutting hair.

Having absorbed education from EIGHT seasoned stylists at Tame the Mane since May 2022, you are in safe hands.

Chloe is also enthusiastic for colouring as she loves painting, of course!


Our colour expert…you won’t find a deeper knowledge at Tame the Mane for colour aspects. Furthermore this lady knows her herbs and is a wise woman with a desire to be kind to your hair throughout the colour service too.

A girl smiling into the camera.

She has a penchant for vivid colours and vibrant vibes all around.

Concentrating on colour only, Clo is bringing some magic to our Manes throughout the seasons.

Catch her in the salon two days a week currently, while she moonlights from her own business Clos Roots and Rituals, where she grows plants to use for her marvellous magic potions.

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