Here is a little about each person who is using the space so that you might have an idea who you may wish to cut your hair! All of us are confident with most things, but may occasionally feel another stylist is more suitable in some cases.



Hi! I am here to help you love your natural hair again!
Since opening the salon I have unsuspectingly become known for my curly cuts. I love big wild bushy manes, probably because I have always envied them. Despite that, I also deal with fine hair (like my own) and if you (like me) only want the tiniest trim because your hair grows slowly (sigh, like mine) I am your woman!
I am also very gentle and all about the pampering.
Battering my hair to death a few years ago after over a decade of abusing it was one of the best things that could have happened to me, although I didn’t realise at the time. Hair has always been an obsession/passion. Somehow, through this near catastrophe I became obsessed with the “No-Poo” method and started obsessively studying herbalism and brewing concoctions to try to fix what I had done. I am so glad I did as it set me on the path to want to help others to do the same.
Assisting others on their journey to ditching the bottled products and saving money AND plastic, is where I want to be.
Every day since I opened the doors in October 2017 I have felt incredibly grateful, I enjoy every working day, get to meet amazing people in my local community, learn, teach, grow and see your hair getting better and better with each visit.


Senior Stylist

I love working with all different hair types, from fine and straight to big and curly! Don’t be shy to ask for advice or ideas, I love collaborating to choose a style that will look great on you. Having an ever growing number of extremely thick haired clients, I have been refining my thinning techniques to a a fine art so far from being daunted by thick hair…. I love it! Cutting curls is a true joy at Tame the Mane and helping curly girls (and boys) who have had years of terrible haircuts really makes my job worthwhile.
As the salon’s senior colour technician I can help create colours specifically for you and colour your cut to make it pop. At Tame the Mane, hair health is at the centre of what we do and by adding a few foils in just the right place can not only make your hair look great, but stay feeling great too!
Hair up is a true passion of mine so if you have a wedding or special event coming up, please call or visit my website

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